Put your paws up! #artRAVElosangeles (at Staples Center)

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Work in Progress: Gym Woes: A Tale of Three Vile Teenagers

So… I uh… Made a another blog post?

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I don’t think this song gets much better than this. Elaine Stritch performing “The Ladies Who Lunch” before it gathered all the baggage of being her signature song.

I’m hearing from reliable sources that Elaine Stritch has passed away. A moment of silence would be the least appropriate response, so instead, I’d like to propose a toast.

Here’s to the one and only lady who lunched, there will never be another like her.

I’ll drink to that.

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Wait. I’m seeing The Holy Trinity. Like. I bought tickets and it’s actually happening… Whaaaaaaat?! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

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Approve. #booksoup

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All The World To Me by fictorium and writetherest

Henry is missing, meaning Emma and Regina have to join forces again. When their search leads them to Boston, Emma crosses paths with her old friend Jane Rizzoli. In their quest to find Henry, will Emma and Jane also discover something more important about the women they’ve each been spending so much time with? And more importantly, will anyone sit down long enough to eat the beautiful food Angela has prepared for them?


Book Hangover || When the Words Stop [Part 1]

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I have been seriously absent from tumblr. Like. Whoa.

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Amanda Tapping from this weekend at the Evolution Expo in Oakland California!

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You want to assassinate someone? Vision is a basic requirement.

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Okay, posting this feels a little self indulgent, but somedays I just need to take a step back and look at the whole picture. I just want to take a moment to thank everyone in my life for their unyielding support and encouragement this past year. You have no idea how grateful I am. Endless love and hugs all around! ❤️

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Just two icons having fun turning back time! ;-)

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My Dad: You look like the girl from the Orange is Blue is Purple. Me: RED?! My Dad: *chuckles* Nooooo… The crazy stalker one who drives the van!

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I threw my pie for you. #crazypyes #oitnb #foodtruck #theyranoutofredposters (at crazypyes)