Something people who have lost weight never mention: Letting go of clothes you’ve worn for YEARS is emotionally exhausting. Take these cargo capri pants for example, they are not cute at all, I know that. But getting rid of them means having to let go of past me and accept my current regeneration. (Did I just make a Doctor Who references? Yes. Yes I did.) And that is far easier said than done. Why is it that success is so hard for us as humans to acknowledge and feel good about? I challenge you to be proud of something you’ve done so far today — Doesn’t matter how big or small. Did you get out of bed and shower today, even though depression is trying to get the best of you? Go you!!! Did stand up for someone who was being bullied? Go you!!! Whatever it is, be PROUD. Now go spread all that good juju around! I’m going to stop procrastinating and continue getting rid of clothes. Have a beautiful day, my fine feathered friends! 💗

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That’s it. That’s the show. #nofiltershow

The Holy Trinity does the #alsicebucketchallenge

#nofiltershow. We. Are. Ready. (at AVALON HOLLYWOOD)

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"Mom, where are Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia? I’m ready for bingo." #tbt

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"What’s your favourite excercise?" "Eating."

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Vera Farmiga’s IGN portraits.

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Oh hi tumblr. 

Long time no see. 

How you doin?

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"There came a time where enough was enough. All the excuses had lost their power. It was time to take a leap. The leap." Maybe it’s the extra hour of sleep I got today but I woke up today feeling braver than I did yesterday, so right now I’m going to live in that space. One of the hardest things, at least for me personally, is not allowing myself to give the number on the scale power and control. I have recently decided to let go of my "goal weight." Which, believe me, was not easy. Especially when an online BMI calculator tells you that you’re still in the overweight range. But where do you go once you’ve reached that "magic number"? Instead, I’m slowly shifting my focus towards the process rather than the end result. I’m trying to enjoy the little goals, so I don’t get swallowed up by the picture I’ve created in my head. After all, perfection doesn’t exists. If you’re still reading this, take a deep breath, and remember to enjoy the journey. Live in it. Embrace it. And when in doubt, dance it out! ^_^

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Sometimes your brain is a liar. I have spent the better part of the last 3 months convinced that I had hit an insurmountable plateau, which triggered the worst food noise I have ever had. All of this stemmed from a number. (Blog post on this currently in progress) A number on a scale that refuses to budge. Earlier this week I was slapped in the face with perspective and it feels like my thought patterns have been rewired. So instead of stepping on the scale today, I took a progress photo. It’s not a huge change, but that’s okay. It’s okay, because for the first time since starting Cardio Barre I felt strong today. Maybe not better. But stronger. It’s okay, because I’m going in a family vacation this weekend and my workout anxiety isn’t ruling my brainpalace. I know how uncomfortable it can be, but if you’re currently on a weight loss journey take progress photos -they really, really help. And remember, you’re beautiful. 💗

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